Most Wanted on Trial

Judge Burdis provides us with valuable intelon the perps in attendance at Lawgiver MKIV


Ian Gibson, you say his name and one character will spring to mind, Halo Jones, from his collaboration with Alan Moore, on this yet to be finished strip of beautiful black and white artwork.

He also heavily worked on Dredd & Robo-Hunter and also on Judge Anderson, Walter the Wobot, The Mind of Wolfie Smith, Ace Trucking, etc…

His style was also went down well with numerous other companies DC, Dark Horse, Marvel, etc… These included Star Wars, Green Lantern Corps and Mister Miracle among other tales!


Simon Bisley is a living legend in the realms of comic artwork and all known drinking establishments on planet earth! His first cover for 2000 AD was Prog 556. But the Prog before was his first work on Pat Mills’ ABC Warriors. Next up it was the ground breaking Slaine, with is fully painted art, taking the comic world by storm.

Soon after came Judgement on Gotham, the graphic novel when Dredd let Batman hang around him for a bit of action. Again, the artwork was stunning, with some beautiful splash pages.

Outside of the House of Tharg Simon has worked on DC, Verotik, Marvel, Full Circle, etc… With quite a few album covers for numerous Rock Groups.

You can follow his work via his website but as for social media, see him in the bar!



Mick McMahon is the Dredd artist who first brought him to the Prog with Programme 2 (read up on the web why). From his early big booted Dredd to his blocky styled return on the Megazine strip, Howler. His art is constantly evolving and bringing excitement to the House of Tharg. Many of his stories have been on the mega epics but don’t ask him to draw thousands of people in crowds!

He has worked on Dredd, Slaine, ABC Warriors, Ro-Busters, The V.C.s, etc… With many of his Dredd covers becoming iconic works.

He’s worked on other titles such as Batman, Dr Who, Tank Girl, The Last American and a lot of Sonic the Hedgehog. Plus he’s worked in computer game design.

Glenn Fabry started to hit the 2000 AD consciousness when he burst onto the scene with his work on Slaine, Prog 411, with ‘Time Killer’. Multiple Slaine stories followed by Judge Dredd, on which he did one of the Batman crossovers.

He’s worked on Crisis, Revolver, Deadline, Marvel, Wildstorm, DC, etc… But many people will know him for his stunning cover work, for comics such as Preacher and Hellblazer, plus numerous others. Talking of which, he won the ‘Will Eisner Comic Industry Award for best cover artist in 1995 for Hellblazer.

At a previous Lawgiver Glenn was asked why he was doing so many sketches while everyone was drinking on the Grain Barge and his reply was he found it relaxing. The man never stops!

You may find him via his website or on Twitter


Dylan Teague is the go to colourist for a few 2000 AD artists but every now again he decides to put his pencils and pens to paper and draw his own work, if only he did more of this. His style is distinctive, with one Dredd image popping up all over the place as posters or book covers and on illegal shirts!

His first Prog being 1060 and from then on he has never looked back, working on Judge Dredd, Rose O’Rion, Rogue Trooper, Chopper, Sinister Dexter, etc…

He has also worked on Dr Who Magazine and Batman.

You can follow him on Twitter and also his excellent website, where you will see his truly wonderful sketchbook pages 


Steve Austin joined the ranks of Tharg’s droids when his artwork appeared in the hallowed pages of Prog 1982, with the ‘Time Twister’ story by Rory McConville, The ‘Timeless Assassin’.

His work in Zarjaz, specifically ‘Cal’s Arena’ caught the eye of Tharg the Mighty and from then on he has never looked back.

You can follow Steve via his website and also his twitter feed

Ryan Brown burst onto the 2000 AD scene with his sumptuous Judge Dredd cover for Prog 1929 and from then, in the eyes of all Dreddheads they had another special artist to portray the characters that they enjoy!

Cover after cover of Dredd has been a feast for the eyes, in fact if you see any magazine on the shelf with an eye-catching cover, it’s probably him!

His cover work spans multiple titles by Rebellion, Marvel, Vertigo, IDW, Heavy Metal Mag, etc… But his latest project is with Mark McCann and Simon Bisley, which has been picked up by a publisher, so keep an eye out for Esther.

You can follow Ryan via his website and his Instagram feed


Lee Carter is a Monkey hanger, which makes him awesome and that’s all you need to know!

He first appeared in 2000 AD with Prog 1539, with a Tharg’s Terror Tale ‘Bad Blood’ by Arthur Wyatt and since then his art style exploded with the depravity of ‘Necrophim’, the insanity of ‘Indigo Prime’ and recently in the Meg, the horror of ‘Angelic’, which is all about the Angel Gang

He also works for Top Cow, Boom Studios, etc… With quite a bit of work for numerous fantasy games publishers.

You will see him on the web, with his Judge Dredd sketches and other characters if you follow him on Twitter


Mike Collins is one of the old guard, with his first strip work for Tharg, way back in the midst’s of time, Prog 372 to be specific, with a Future Shock by Alan Hebden called ‘Uncommon Sense’.

Since then he has produced numerous covers for the Prog, along with tales of Judge Dredd, American Gothic, Sinister Dexter, etc…

He also works for another icon of British Sci-fi, Dr Who, so if you’re a fan of the old doctor, why not bring some of his Dr Who Magazines along to be signed.

You can follow him via his website and his twitter feed

Pete Doherty worked on the most beloved one off tale in Judge Dredd history ‘Bury my knee at Wounded Heart’ and if anyone feels like arguing about that, then he will put you right!

He’s been a stalwart of the House of Tharg since Prog 766, with multiple Dredd tales alongside Armitage, Devlin Waugh, etc… With another classic that you may have heard of for the Megazine, ‘Young Death’ by John Wagner.

You will find him on Twitter at but due to a severe illness in 2016 he’s not been on for a while.

Dan Cornwell started out for Futurequake Press, the home of the 2000 AD fanzines. He was noticed by none other than John Wagner, who wanted him to be the artist on John’s ‘Rok of the Reds’ comics.

Soon after he was on his first ever 2000 AD story and it just so happened to be Judge Dredd ‘War Buds’ by John, in Prog 2045. He is currently working on the sequel to Rok of the Reds with John.

You can follow him via his website and also his Twitter feed


Henry Flint is a 2000 AD fan favourite, ever since he started with Friday from Prog 889. From then he’s been one of the mainstays on Dredd, including the 2012 version. You need a Mega Epic drawn, Henry is your droid!

He’s worked on Missionary Man, Sinister Dexter, Venus Bluegenes, Nemesis the Warlock, ABC Warriors alongside two of the craziest strips in 2000 AD history, Shakara and Zombo.

He’s also worked for DC, Vertigo, Marvel, etc… With an album cover or two thrown in for good measure.

You can follow him on Twitter at


Tom Foster won the 2000 AD art competition at Thought Bubble and since then has truly never looked back. His visual style is in the same vein as Brian Bolland, which obviously is no bad thing.

He has since worked on ‘Storm Warning’ in the Megazine, which was set in Brit-Cit, which really showed his stunning art off! He’s also worked on a few Dredd tales and produced a few covers for the Prog. The Dredd image for 1986 becoming an instant classic.

He’s currently working on another Dreddworld strip, which is bound to be another feast for the retinas.

You can follow him via Twitter and his Instagram feed



Patrick Goddard took over art duties on Savage starting with Book IV “The Guv’nor” and has never looked back, making the story his own.

He has also worked on multiple tales in both the Prog and Meg including Dredd, Armitage, Chopper, Sinister Dexter, Grey Area, Wardog, etc… His frequent partnership with Dylan Teague works well and has been quite productive, especially as you can see his output.

You can follow him on Twitter, where he posts images from his current work quite often


Alan Grant has been writing for Tharg since he resigned as sub editor in the very early days and then started writing Blackhawk. Soon after he became writing partner with John Wagner and this creative partnership boomed. He contributed to many of the characters that are still going strong today, or are sadly missed, including Dredd, Robo-Hunter, Judge Anderson and Strontium Dog. Due to the amount of work the pair produced they started to use pseudonyms.

Alan has written for DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, the list is endless. Working on stories such as Batman, Lobo, L.E.G.I.O.N., The Demon, etc…

He formed his own publishing company ‘Bad Press Ltd’ which produced Shit The Dog by himself and Simon Bisley.

He organised the Moniaive Comics Festival with his wife, which is an annual convention that gathers many excellent names each year.

His latest collaboration with John after all these years is ‘Rok of the Reds’ which is now on to its second series.

It would’ve been easier to write what Alan hasn’t had a hand in!

John Higgins  is another grandee of 2000 AD, with his first cover being for Prog 43 ‘Dial M for Murder’ and then moving inside with his first strip for Prog 108. He soon became a mainstay of the comic working firstly on numerous Future Shocks, a few with Alan Moore and then it was on to Dredd, Chopper, Vector 13, Greysuit, etc…

Two of his most well known works came as colourist on ‘Watchmen’ and ‘The Killing Joke’ both written by Alan Moore.

Along with his work for DC, he’s worked for Marvel, Dark Horse Comics, Epic Comics, Vertigo, etc…

He also created Razorjack, his self published work, which is available in comic and novel stories. Also his book ‘Beyond Watchmen and Judge Dredd’ is out now and highly recommended.

You can follow John on Twitter


Clint Langley is a master of many styles of comic art, from his pencils and inks, to his computer wizardry. His first work for Tharg was on Dinosty, a Pat Mills story. Since this, he has worked nigh on exclusively with Pat on Slaine, ABC Warriors, Nemesis the warlock, Flesh and American Reaper.

His other 2000 AD work includes Sinister Dexter, Judge Dredd, Outlaw, Tales of Telguuth, etc…

Apart from his strip work, his covers are a visual feast and has well over 50 to his name.

Outside of 2000 AD he has worked for Marvel, Games Workshop, Radical Comics, alongside his work for computer games, book covers, conceptual film art, etc…

Clint’s website is


David Millgate  is the co-creator of one of the longest strips in 2000 AD, Sinister Dexter by Dan Abnett. Alongside that he has worked on Future Shocks, Judge Dredd, Havoc and Outlaw.

He’s also worked on Marshal Law, Warhammer, with his latest work being his own creation, ‘Jackboot and Ironheel’, which is a WWII story with a twist.

You can follow him on Twitter


David Roach has worked on Judge Dredd, Nemesis the Warlock, Synnamon and Judge Anderson for 2000 AD, his most recent Anderson tales happening this year.

He’s also worked for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Topps Comics, etc… For stories such as Batman and Star Wars.

He’s also worked with Dan Abnett on the storyboards for an Ultramarines graphic novel, which was part of the movie DVD release.
He also worked on the illustrations for multiple Dungeons and Dragons rpg books for Wizards of the Coast. Alongside this, he has an amazing collection of original art, which reads like a who’s who. You can follow him on Twitter at


Dave Taylor worked in comics well before the lure of Tharg finally caught him, with his first Dredd story for Prog 1582. Since then he has done numerous Dredd tales with many an Anderson one, as of late.

His style has seen him work for DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Vertigo, etc… On characters such as Batman, Superman and Zorro.

He’s also a concept artist, working for the likes of Sony and Warner Brothers.

You can follow him on Twitter

Paul Williams is another winner of the 2000 AD Art competition at Thought Bubble. This time from 2017 and in the first few months of 2018, he made his debut in the Prog 2072. This was on the Future Shock by Laura Bailey, who won the script competition at Thought Bubble.

Since his arrival as a droid, he’s also been busy with commissions from fans, so why not approach him for one before he’s busy with his next work for Tharg!

Lawgiver will be Paul’s first time as a fully fledged creator at a 2000 AD centric event and we are proud to have him, especially after all his hard work for Futurequake Press.

You can follow him via Twitter and his website